By Shannon lane @shannonroselane

WITH HIS hairless body and pink skin you could mistake this animal for a piglet rather than a rodent

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Videographer / director: Jessica Pires
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

But Pim from the Netherlands is in fact a ‘skinny Pig - a breed of hairless guinea pig.

Skinny Pigs are as healthy as ordinary guinea pigs, but they typically only have hair on their muzzles, feet and legs.

Today’s Skinny Pig originated from breeding haired guinea pigs with hairless lab strains, traditionally bred for laboratory use in dermatology studies.

The only other difference between guinea pigs and their hairless cousins is that they need to eat slightly more to maintain body heat.

This is something Pim’s owner Jessica Pires is very aware of.

She said: “Every time my mother comes into my room when the curtains are closed, he will scream for as long as until he gets his vegetables.”

The 21-year-old picked up Pim in December 2016 when he was just born, and has been in love with him ever since.

She said: "I’ve had a skinny rat in the past, but after she passed away, I wanted to get another skinny animal and I discovered the Skinny Pig and fell immediately in love with them.

"I only wanted this colour, and I’ve seen all the Skinny Pigs breeders in the Netherlands to find someone like Pim.

"He want to cuddle every times he sees me and he sleeps in my arms.”

Little Pim is turning one this month, and over the past year he has gained many friends, both in life and online.

He lives at home with his buddies Rox the puppy and Do the bird, and has also gained a big fan base on his Instagram account.

Jessica said: “I think that he loves all his fans and he loves to be famous.

"Some of my followers are so in love with him that they would love to see him every day. And for some people he is the best piggy of Instagram.”

On Pim’s Instagram he poses with an array of different props; from a sign saying ‘Free Kisses’’, to a work of art signed by the piggy artist himself.

His owner said: "Pim loves to pose for the camera. Since he was little I’ve taught him to pose for the camera and to be patient. He likes it because he gets a treat afterwards.

"He does everything for a treat.”