By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

AN INTREPID photographer has scoured the planet snapping people and their pets

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Eric travelled around the world to showcase mankind's love for animals

French photographer Eric Lafforgue, 52, travelled everywhere from the Easter Islands to North Korea to showcase mankind’s love for animals.

Taken over a period of ten years from 2005 to 2015, each picture gives the viewer a glimpse into the types of pets people choose to own and the relationships they forge with them.

A pet monkey sits on the head of a Dassanech tribal woman in Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Eric said: “In many trips I realised that in any place I visited, there was always animals. Animals to work, as pets, or as a danger for the humans.

"So I wanted to document this situation as every country has its own tradition. For example, in the Panama tribes, the parrots are like the dogs for us in Europe.”

A young boy with his bright green pet lizard in Penang, Malaysia

From hyenas receiving night feedings in Ethiopia to tribespeople in Panama taking care of their pet parrots, each picture goes to show the importance of animals in different societies.

Eric said: “I never saw any violence toward the animal in any of the countries I visited, the animals is part of the life of the people to work, feed them and carry them.

Lafforgue's images aim to give the viewers a glimpse into the types of pets people choose to own around the world
Eric said: "Each picture goes to show the importance of animals in different societies"

"It is a great lesson of life, you need to take care of the animal to survive.”

While the pets pictured seem at ease in the care of their owners, according to Eric not all the animals are as cute and cuddly as they may appear.

A Saudi Man is photographed by Eric in Sakakah with his pet falcon which was purchased for $20,000

He said: “The baboon in the Dassanech tribe in Ethiopia was incredible, the tribe give them some necklaces, bracelets, and a bandana.

"The monkey will quickly become big and will become very dangerous, so it’s impossible to keep in a village.

An incredible image shows a man in Somaliland carrying a baby camel on his back

“I imagine the kids who were crazy about this little monkey will have to leave it in the bush.”

And the high prices paid by some of the owners show the lengths people are willing to go to acquire their dream pet.

A young boy in Omo Valley, Ethiopia holds up two chickens

Eric added: “The falcon of the man in Saudi Arabia, he bought it for 20,000 dollars.

"You cannot imagine how sweet he was with his falcon, you need to have seen his face when he freed it to fly, he was praying to see the falcon back on his hand.”