By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

A CAT born with a claw-shaped paw has captured the hearts of thousands

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Videographer / director: John Bigelow
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ruby Coote
Editor: Dan Cousins

Lobstah was adopted by couple John and Leda Bigelow after they saw him at an animal shelter

Dubbed 'Lobstah The Cat' by his owners John and Leda Bigelow, the cheeky cat has become a hit on social media for his can-do attitude and playful persona.

The couple from San Francisco adopted the two-year-old moggy from an animal shelter after he was left abandoned.

The cheeky cat was born with a host of health problems
The two-year-old cat has gained a big following on social media

Found with a host of health issues which included his deformed paw, Lobstah was forced to undergo life-saving surgery and was still in recovery when the Bigelow’s took him home.

His ailments include a deformed paw as well as having no sternum

John said: “There was a likely chance that he was not going to have survived the surgery. It’s kind of shocking given what he’s been through at how agile and strong and the distance he’s able to leap.”

Despite his medical conditions, Lobstah has managed to adapt and lives a full life

Lobstah’s ailments include a half formed tail and no sternum, which meant that his intestines were ‘leaking’ through his diaphragm into his chest. However this has since been corrected, after doctors were able to put his intestines back in the right position.

The Bigelow's took Lobstah back home while he was still recovering from his surgery

The friendly feline has racked up more than 15,000 followers on Instagram and has proven to be a real poser in front of the camera.

His vibrant personality has managed to keep his followers - as well as his owners - entertained and he continues to prove how adept he is despite his short comings.

Leda said: "He’s a very affectionate and amorous cat, he likes to kiss us on the nose"

Leda said: “He’s a little clown, he’s a comedian. I think he actually is funny, I don’t know if he knows he’s funny. He’s always up to a little mischief."

Lobstah's eating habits are jut as odd as his paw because he loves to chow down on greens

Despite his tough start in life the unique cat has managed to live a relatively normal life - with trying to catch flies and daily kisses being the highlight of his day.

“He’s a very affectionate and amorous cat, he likes to kiss us on the nose,” Leda added.

Some of Lobstah's favourite activities include catching flies and kissing both John and Leda

Lobstah’s uniqueness doesn’t just stop at his features as his eating habits are just as peculiar as his claw-shaped paw.

John said: “He is oddly fond of greens, of arugula, spinach and green beans.”

To keep up with Lobstah and his adventures, follow his Instagram page @lobstah_the_cat