By Shannon Lane

WHEN this kitty had a terrible accident there was the possibility he would have to be put down

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Two-year-old Rexie lost the use of his hind legs after a terrible accident

Fortunately, with physiotherapy and the aid of a state-of-the-art wheelchair, he’s been given a new lease of life.

Rexie the two-year-old cat lives in Yekaterinburg, Russia, with his owner Daria Minaeva, a language tutor.

Despite his disability Rexie still lives a relative normal life

Daria said: “This little kitty has become a part of my life, and he definitely valued his own life and didn't want to give up on living.”

Owner, Daria Minaeva, got a mini wheelchair for Rexie to use

Apart from his disability, Rexie is like every other domestic cat and enjoys playing with cardboard boxes and chasing insects around.

Daria helped Rexie recover from his injury through physiotherapy
According to vets Rexie will never be able to walk on four feet again

His owner said: “He pretty much does the same things normal cats do with only one exception, he can't jump, so most of the time he has to stay on the floor and can't enjoy walking on some high ledges like other cats.

“He can’t control his legs so sometimes when he sits, and his feet happen to be at the edge, they just hang which makes it look like he’s sitting like a person.”

The wheelchair has allowed for the cheeky cat to continue chasing insects

Unfortunately vets can’t say if it's possible for Rexie to ever be able to walk on his all four paws again, however this courageous cat doesn’t let this stop him moving.

Daria said: “He’s adapted to live a life as a two-legged cat. He doesn't use his back feet at all, but it doesn't stop him from walking, running and even climbing.”

Two-year-old Rexie lives in Yekateringburg, Russia, with his owner Daria

This fearless feline’s owner is passionate about the importance in rehabilitating and caring for less abled, or injured animals.

She said: “Usually it's not their two eyes or four feet we own them for. There's something more than that, some spiritual connection between an owner and their pet.

Daria believes that disabled pets can still live a fulfilling life despite their handicap

“The pet might lose an eye or end up without a limb but it doesn't break up the connection. That's what matters.

Thanks to the love and devotion of his owner, Rexie was not put down

I was very despaired when that situation happened to Rexie, but he showed me that it's life that should be valued the most, and with a loving owner it's possible for a disabled pet to live a happy one.”