By Nora Hakramaj

THE THOUGHT of being in close contact with an alligator might be terrifying for most people but this lady dresses her pet gator in a TUTU – and even gives it manicures

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Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: Nora Hakramaj, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Four and a half foot alligator LillyGator sports one of her fashionable red jumpers

The four and a half foot reptile, named LillyGator, is known for wearing a tiara, pink dresses and even has her nails painted.

Owner Angela Lance, 44, from Pennsylvania, USA, bought Lilly as a tiny hatchling at just two and a half days old.

She said: “I would have to say she is pretty close to being the most pampered gator in the world. She is definitely spoiled.”

Lilly's owner Angela Lance, 44, bought her as a tiny hatchling at just two and a half days old

She said: “I would have to say she is pretty close to being the most pampered gator in the world. She is definitely spoiled.”

The fierce fashionista even models for postcards, key chains and notebooks – with all of the proceeds going to alligator rescue facilities.

Angela said: “Dressing her up and painting her nails is more fun for me. It makes her seem less intimidating.

Angela says she thinks LillyGator is the most pampered alligator in the world

“I am not sure there are other gators that are getting foot massages and manicures and seem to enjoy it.”

Angela’s parents have also grown to love Lilly and see her as part of the family.

'Snappy dresser' Lilly is regularly taken out for walks on her leash

Angela said: “There are times when I know my father is at dinner with colleagues and I’ll get texts, saying ‘send me some pictures of my grand gator’. He loves showing her off in the little outfits.

“I do have a boyfriend and he probably thinks I’m a little bit nuts for doing it but he totally understands. He doesn’t want to hold her but he does respect that I have her.”

Lilly sports a pair of tinted sunglasses

Weather permitting, the snappy dresser goes out for walks on a leash - causing a stir wherever she goes.

Angela said: “I get some crazy reactions when I have her outside. Obviously, people are afraid if they hear her hissing.

“She is usually pretty comfortable around people but I also take all of the responsibility and the precautions to make sure that there are no opportunities for her to injure anybody either.

Angela has a full wardrobe of clothes for her beloved pet

“My neighbors are definitely not crazy about the fact that there is a four and a half foot gator living here but they also respect what I do as far as trying to educate people.”

But far from being an advocate for keeping alligators as pets, Angela uses Lilly to discourage irresponsible owners.

She said: “I am definitely very passionate about the fact that people shouldn’t buy them without the understanding and realization of the amount of work and money and time they take.

Angela discourages irresponsible owners and says people should research thoroughly before getting a gator

“It shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a serious investment.”

Since it is legal to own a pet gator in the state of Pennsylvania, Angela plans to keep Lilly even though she will be more than double in size.

Angela said: “She will continue to grow because she is a female and in captivity. She will probably reach ten, 12, even 15 feet.

“In my opinion, Lilly does have a better life with me than she would have if she were just wandering around in the wild.

Lily could grow to as large as 15 feet long

“There are no predators here. She has a constant source of food and while others may disagree with me she gets a lot of the attention and affection and I really think she likes that.”

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